Hamptworth Stalking

Hamptworth Estate is situated on the northern edge of the New Forest National Park. As the majority of the 3,000 acre Estate is made up of woodland and forestry, stalking has always been an important part of the Estate management.

To protect the existing flora and fauna from enormous damage caused by the Fallow Deer, a culling programme must take place each year. Without this necessary culling, disease amongst the herd would certainly spread and it is imperative that a good herd structure is maintained.

We are able to offer stalking to all levels of experience and we welcome individuals new to the sport. On arrival, guests would be met by our resident stalker who personally supervises each stalking visitor. Following a safety briefing, they are taken for an initial practice session before proceeding to a high seat. Stalking takes place either at dawn or dusk when the herds come out of the woods to the grass rides and glades.

Visitors with experience are able to partake in woodland stalking, a very different experience to the normal field or moor land stalking.

The cost for stalking is £115.00 per person ( morning or afternoon) and includes the culling of one beast. Subsequent beasts can be bought by arrangement. Carcasses remain the property of the Estate.